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Artificial intelligence describes my painting.

I describe the painting briefly and simply.

Swallow song, 100x100 cm, acrylic and oil on canvas

The girl sits alone and the birds support her with songs. I pictured the girl alone and sad. She sits on an unstable chair as if she is in a hopeless situation. Swallows sit on a branch above the girl's head. Birds are a symbol of hope. She wants to make the right decision, get up and move on in life.

This is how artificial intelligence describes my painting. In creating this piece I have mixed the ethereal with the tangible, using oils and acrylics to create a dreamscape where the human form resonates with somber calm. My brushwork evokes quiet introspection, mixing realism with metaphysical overtones, as I explore the border between conscious and subconscious realms. It is a visual poem, an invitation to embrace the silent music of our inner worlds. This artwork promises to give any room a sense of peaceful reflection and gentle emotion.

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